Happy birthday Allan!

Sunday July 15, Day 9 of  road trip, day 2 of MTTS and Allan’s 51st birthday

So excited, today is gonna be a great day.

Had breakfast at the gas station where we also fed Buster. Got to morning rally early, got our pins, and hit the road!  Didn’t wait for the others.

Northern California was absolutely magical. We hiked a little trail through the redwoods and ferns. It was chilly, drizzly, I felt like a tiny fairy in a magical fairy garden. Didn’t want to leave  but go we must

Found a subway for our lunch  Allan shared with a nice homeless man who was so thankful.

We drove down the avenue of the Giants and and also found a drive through tree for Buster photo op.

Late and tired we got to Sacramento and found our hotel which unbeknownst to us was actually a hostel with shared bathrooms and such.  Uh no.  We found a room at a quality inn and never looked back




July 14 Saturday, day 8 of road trip, day 1 of MTTS

Were so excited, the day is finally here!  Up and out early to make our rendezvous with all our mini friends. They had breakfast of pancakes but we had already eaten at Burger King. The big leave out parade was so cool. We used the MTTS provided app to nagate and it tried to send us back to the starting point. This should have tipped us off that the app was going to be nothing but trouble.

Afrer being on the road for a while we saw a bunch of minis at a road side rest stop so we stopped too. There we finally found the  Birminghams and then Radonna and Betty.

Further down the road we saw a mini in distress so we stopped to try to help. We were there an hour or so. We stayed until corporate showed up and said a wrecker was on the way.

Back on the road, the app did us very wrong and sent us the opposite direction we needed to be. We had no internet or phone service but fortunate we were able to rely on the installed nav that doesn’t require phone service to function. Fine by me because it led us into a cute town where we found a Taco Bell. It was closed but near it was a Mexican restaurant that was so yummy!

We eventually made our way to our home for the night in Ashland Oregon, a cute little motel called Timbers. I spent about an hour organizing and repacking all my stuff.

Rested up for another big day tomorrow.

Two More New States

Friday July 13, Day 7.

Woke up in Canada. Never been able to say that before lol. It was just gorgeous, cool crisp weather, awesome water pressure in the motel room. They put out a cute little continental breakfast that we very much enjoyed and appreciated. We could have happily spent a week exploring this enchanting little town but onward we must go.

The drive back to the border was breathtaking. We had to stop several times to take pictures!

Before crossing back over to the states however, a visit to the duty free shop was in order. It was so much fun and the ladies who worked there were awesome and so friendly.

We paid for our purchases but couldn’t take them with us. We had to drive to a specific spot right before the customs gate and the lady carried the shopping bags to us.

The customs official was nice enough and didn’t keep us but a minute before letting us go on our merry way.

Back in the states, we reentered through Idaho and after driving a while we were in Washington state, new state number 1 of 2 today.

We stopped for gas etc and found the most awesome deli sandwiches at the gas station.  They were so huge we had half for lunch and the rest later for dinner.

I drove for a stretch while Allan had some rest and a break from having to do all the driving.

Unbeknownst to me I took us into Oregon. Never saw a welcome sign or anything lol. After a couple hours I had to stop for more gas and give the wheel back to Allan. We pulled up to the pump and a nice young man came to my window and said he could pump our gas for us or we could do it ourselves if we wanted. Allan opted to do it himself. He is particular about who touches Buster as my dear readers might know

FINALLY made it to Portland. First stop was Mini of Portland to get our packets. Then to the kickoff party at CravenSpeed where we ran into Harley, Radonna, and Betty. We couldn’t stay long as we needed to go to stores and get our laundry done, a chore which kept me up til almost midnight.

Our room at Bridgeway Inn and Suites was nice, the ac blew good and cold, and the bed was huge. The room phone didn’t work, the ice machine didn’t work, and there was no elevator only stairs.

Excited for tomorrow to kick off MTTS2018!



Thursday July 12, Day 6 Island Park Idaho to Cranbrook British Columbia Canada

Up and out early this morning.  Little sad to leave the drift lodge but lots more out there for us to see. Had our left over pizza for breakfast. Went into West Yellowstone one more time for gas and road drinks.

Long drive many hours, then stopped for lunch at Taco Bell then drive many hours more.

And then there it was, Canada ??!

Getting through was a breeze. A little disappointed that our passports didn’t get stamped.

Made it to Cranbrook, adorable little city.

We had dinner at a delightful restaurant called The Heid Out. We started with a charcuterie board, then Allan had fish and chips and I had a chef salad.  Our server was a darling young lady named Abby.

After such a big fine meal some physical activity was in order so naturally we found the nearest miniature golf course at Elizabeth Lake Lodge.  The course was more difficult than we are accustomed to, so it was super fun!

Next we found a Walmart and checked it out. It was clean and tidy.

On to our home foe the night, the Lazy Bear Lodge, to rest up for another long day tomorrow.


Stay Put Again

Wednesday July 11, Day 5

Got up and out super early to get out to Yellowstone before sunrise. It was rough getting up that early but turned out to be so worth it.

It was incredible, lots of bison, very few people. We went through some of the walk ways to see the geysers.

The park started getting plenty crowded around 10 so we headed out.  Took a long time, traffic was bumper to bumper.

Got to West Yellowstone in time for lunch and we had incredible bison burgers The Gusher

Back to our little cabin for a much needed nap.

in the evening we went back to town for gas station Mexican food and the Jurassic world at the local imax which was the bomb diggity!

Stay Put

Day four Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

Today we are not driving 8 hours anywhere.

Got up and out and went into West Yellowstone for breakfast and then explored this precious little town. We walked around so long we got hungry for lunch. So we had lunch too. By now we were worn out so we went back to our cabin in Idaho for a nap.

Now well rested we went back out to Yellowstone National Park. Drove and explored and drove more and explored more. Saw interesting animals. Even saw a big brown bear and her cub!

Returned to cabin  again exhausted and happy.

Two New States

Day 3 Cheyenne Wyoming to Island  Park , Idaho by way of Grand  Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park and a brief sliver through Montana.

Up and out early as per usual. Allan had Burger King breakfast. I had gas station breakfast.

We drove many miles that looked like this

We passed through so many cute little towns.

Had lunch at subway.

We weren’t expecting to pass through two national parks today but that’s where Waze told us to go so that’s where we went.

Grand Teton was magnificent.

Yellowstone  was breathtaking. We will be exploring there a lot the next few days.

Somehow  we briefly dipped into Montana between Wyoming and Idaho as we worked our way through the park. Since this is our first time ever to visit Montana and Idaho, that’s how today’s post got its title.

After a long day we finally made it to our cabin where we will be staying the next few days. And guess what:  no air conditioning. Only heat. And a floor fan that sounds like it has trapped a small rodent. But I do not care because I’m having a fabulous time.

Look how cute!

Hotter than Hell

Day two Amarillo  Texas to Cheyenne Wyoming

Up and out early. Breakfast from Love’s truck stop next door to motel, fruit and Perrier.

Uneventful drive.

Went through Denver. Disappointed, not what I expected but glad I got to see it nonetheless. Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, always a solid decision.

This gorgeous little one befriended me  I found him a safe home in a flower planter

Another  hour and a half north to Cheyenne to another motel 6. Pool is closed, it’s a hundred degrees, ac in room doesn’t work very well. Tiny little bed. But the room was clean and cute. We collapsed in a crumpled sweaty heap for a few hours of nap.

Amarillo by Sundown

Day one Huntsville Texas to Amarillo Texas

OMG the day is finally here! Off we go on our big adventure. Day one is Huntsville to Amarillo. Drove 8 hours and change and still didn’t get out of Texas!

We had a great drive, perfectly uneventful. Listened to BBC talk radio the entire way, when we weren’t talking to each other, that is.

Had dinner at The Big Texan Steak Ranch and it was sooooo good.

Resting up to get ready for another big day tomorrow.