July 14 Saturday, day 8 of road trip, day 1 of MTTS

Were so excited, the day is finally here!  Up and out early to make our rendezvous with all our mini friends. They had breakfast of pancakes but we had already eaten at Burger King. The big leave out parade was so cool. We used the MTTS provided app to nagate and it tried to send us back to the starting point. This should have tipped us off that the app was going to be nothing but trouble.

Afrer being on the road for a while we saw a bunch of minis at a road side rest stop so we stopped too. There we finally found the  Birminghams and then Radonna and Betty.

Further down the road we saw a mini in distress so we stopped to try to help. We were there an hour or so. We stayed until corporate showed up and said a wrecker was on the way.

Back on the road, the app did us very wrong and sent us the opposite direction we needed to be. We had no internet or phone service but fortunate we were able to rely on the installed nav that doesn’t require phone service to function. Fine by me because it led us into a cute town where we found a Taco Bell. It was closed but near it was a Mexican restaurant that was so yummy!

We eventually made our way to our home for the night in Ashland Oregon, a cute little motel called Timbers. I spent about an hour organizing and repacking all my stuff.

Rested up for another big day tomorrow.

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