Hello and Welcome!

Here is a list of places I like to visit:

DuckDuckGo A cool search engine that does not track you
The Pagan Life Interesting site with lots of cool articles
Astronomy Online Info Great place to get the Astronomy info you seek
Facebook fun place to see my friends
Amazon A place to spend all your money (preferably on my husband’s books!)
Allans-Stuff My husband’s website! You can read his astrophotography books!
 Paper Bird Images Need a photographer?
 YouTube Follow me on YouTube!
Slick MINIs Follow the adventures of Buster and Lola and their many MINI friends!
 Etsy Check out my Etsy Store!
The Witchery Purveyors of Fine Esoteric Goods
Houkulele.com The ukulele club I joined.  Come play with us!  See site for schedule.  I host a meetup in Huntsville, TX every third Tuesday!