Two More New States

Friday July 13, Day 7.

Woke up in Canada. Never been able to say that before lol. It was just gorgeous, cool crisp weather, awesome water pressure in the motel room. They put out a cute little continental breakfast that we very much enjoyed and appreciated. We could have happily spent a week exploring this enchanting little town but onward we must go.

The drive back to the border was breathtaking. We had to stop several times to take pictures!

Before crossing back over to the states however, a visit to the duty free shop was in order. It was so much fun and the ladies who worked there were awesome and so friendly.

We paid for our purchases but couldn’t take them with us. We had to drive to a specific spot right before the customs gate and the lady carried the shopping bags to us.

The customs official was nice enough and didn’t keep us but a minute before letting us go on our merry way.

Back in the states, we reentered through Idaho and after driving a while we were in Washington state, new state number 1 of 2 today.

We stopped for gas etc and found the most awesome deli sandwiches at the gas station.  They were so huge we had half for lunch and the rest later for dinner.

I drove for a stretch while Allan had some rest and a break from having to do all the driving.

Unbeknownst to me I took us into Oregon. Never saw a welcome sign or anything lol. After a couple hours I had to stop for more gas and give the wheel back to Allan. We pulled up to the pump and a nice young man came to my window and said he could pump our gas for us or we could do it ourselves if we wanted. Allan opted to do it himself. He is particular about who touches Buster as my dear readers might know

FINALLY made it to Portland. First stop was Mini of Portland to get our packets. Then to the kickoff party at CravenSpeed where we ran into Harley, Radonna, and Betty. We couldn’t stay long as we needed to go to stores and get our laundry done, a chore which kept me up til almost midnight.

Our room at Bridgeway Inn and Suites was nice, the ac blew good and cold, and the bed was huge. The room phone didn’t work, the ice machine didn’t work, and there was no elevator only stairs.

Excited for tomorrow to kick off MTTS2018!


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