Happy birthday Allan!

Sunday July 15, Day 9 of  road trip, day 2 of MTTS and Allan’s 51st birthday

So excited, today is gonna be a great day.

Had breakfast at the gas station where we also fed Buster. Got to morning rally early, got our pins, and hit the road!  Didn’t wait for the others.

Northern California was absolutely magical. We hiked a little trail through the redwoods and ferns. It was chilly, drizzly, I felt like a tiny fairy in a magical fairy garden. Didn’t want to leave  but go we must

Found a subway for our lunch  Allan shared with a nice homeless man who was so thankful.

We drove down the avenue of the Giants and and also found a drive through tree for Buster photo op.

Late and tired we got to Sacramento and found our hotel which unbeknownst to us was actually a hostel with shared bathrooms and such.  Uh no.  We found a room at a quality inn and never looked back



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