Two New States

Day 3 Cheyenne Wyoming to Island  Park , Idaho by way of Grand  Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park and a brief sliver through Montana.

Up and out early as per usual. Allan had Burger King breakfast. I had gas station breakfast.

We drove many miles that looked like this

We passed through so many cute little towns.

Had lunch at subway.

We weren’t expecting to pass through two national parks today but that’s where Waze told us to go so that’s where we went.

Grand Teton was magnificent.

Yellowstone  was breathtaking. We will be exploring there a lot the next few days.

Somehow  we briefly dipped into Montana between Wyoming and Idaho as we worked our way through the park. Since this is our first time ever to visit Montana and Idaho, that’s how today’s post got its title.

After a long day we finally made it to our cabin where we will be staying the next few days. And guess what:  no air conditioning. Only heat. And a floor fan that sounds like it has trapped a small rodent. But I do not care because I’m having a fabulous time.

Look how cute!

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