Eureka Springs Day Two

Brrr!  It was cold when we got up this morning. I got in the hot shower at the KOA bath house and didn’t want to get out. But I finally did.

First order of the day: get Allan a proper manicure. I wanted his first time to be a nice experience so took him to the Lush Spa at the Super 8. It was very nice and the lady did a good job.

Next:  downtown for a day of fun in the nice sunny weather. It was a perfect day for such.

We had lunch at Nibbles. I had Italian sausage quiche with salad and Allan had asparagus and Swiss quiche with soup. We shared the most exquisite slice of 5 layer carrot cake .

Of course we stopped in to Hats, Hides, and Herilooms to see Holly and check out the new fall hats. Allan finally got the hemp Stetson he has been wanting for months. I seriously eyed a hand painted handbag with dragonflies on it but didn’t want to spend all of our money the very first day.

Next to Crystal Waters for browsing. Couldn’t leave without a couple of spheres and a few stones.

On to T-Rex for the latest candle.  This one honors Chris Cornell. I asked if there would be a Tom Petty and he said yes but they will wait a while before releasing it because some people were upset with how quickly Chris was honored with his candle. The quicker the better in my opinion but to each his own.

A trip to downtown Eureka Springs wouldn’t be complete without visiting the hardest working bunnies at East by West. Adorable as always.  Since they wouldn’t let me leave with a bunny, I settled for a box of incense.

Back to the campground. Allan took a nap and I took a hike.

When the sun went down Allan built a nice fire. We warmed our dinner on the open flames. I had a can of tamales lol. Allan had a can of chili. And a good time was had by all.

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